Pool C: Rock Lee vs. Uchiha David

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Pool C: Rock Lee vs. Uchiha David Empty Pool C: Rock Lee vs. Uchiha David

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Pool C: Rock Lee vs. Uchiha David Uchiha10
The milk-chocolate-skinned boy stood ontop of a telephone pole, looking down at the shinobi known as none other than Rock Lee. This mystery boy atop the tall, wooden pole, stood with perfect balance, his arms crossed, and a fatal gaze. His body created an eclipse with the moon hanging in the night sky. But an even more enchanting sight were his eyes. His Mangekyou's locked on to Rock Lee's skinny body, and from that point, the battle had been won. The chocolate boy bent his knees, and suddenly leapt of the pole, moving so fast through the air he turned invisible, and time around him seemed to slow down.
Coming up right behind Rock Lee, they were back to back, butt cheeks just barely touching each other. "Why, hello there..." David said with a raspy voice.

Area = Place where Team Asuma first fights Hidan and Kakuzu, only its night time now.


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