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Post  Darth Anarchy on Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:08 pm

1 - Abandoned Ame.
You have all of Ame to fight in, with no other people there. You can not leave the walls of the village.

2 - Zabuza's Bridge.
This area is the huge bridge. It extends out both ways till infinity, and around it is the ocean, also extending out to infinity on every side. Technically, there are no limits, but you can't lose sight of the bridge.

3 - Suna Desert.
A windy desert. No limits.

4 - Forest of Death.
The forest of death. No limits.

5 - Valley of the End.
The valley of the end. Limits: Lake - Statues - cliffs around.

6 - Chuunin Exam Hokage Building Rooftop + Barrier.
Where Orochimaru and the 3rd fought. Smallest area because of the barrier. The sound four aren't there, but it's the exact same barrier. Nothing can get in or out (including Tobi).

#1,2,3,4 = Clear day.
#5,6 = Rain. (except for Suna)

Even # = Day time
Odd # = Night time

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