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Emma’s team had already left the perimeters of their base and were now following the dirt trail, which lead to the nearest base. Juggernaut leading the way, Emma and Selene walking and the middle side by side as Holocaust followed from behind. And of course Cannonball flying above scanning the area for enemies, if in case Frost couldn’t detect any. Juggernaut was the one holding both suit cases, in one hand. Emma Frost opened up her map as she took a look at where they were heading and on the it there should be two buildings coming up ahead.

“Sam, can you see any buildings up ahead,” Emma said telepathically contacting Cannonball. Cannonball looked ahead in the distance and noticed two building side by side not to far. “Yes, I’ll go check it out” Cannonball replied already knowing that’s what he was going to be ordered. Picking up speed Cannonball zoomed by in the sky towards the buildings, while Emma kept constant contact with him while he went.

“So, what’s the plan, captain?” Selene asked in a way that told Emma she did not agree of her being the team captain. Selene wasn’t prone to taking orders from others. “We’ll stop here for a moment so I can set up everything” Emma replied as she pointed to the two buildings Cannonball was currently heading to. “We’ll be just outside the range of any telepath they may have inside their base. You and Juggernaut don’t need any protection from telepaths by the other two do. So we’ll stop to get everything down and I will protect the minds of Sam and Holocaust. Then we proceed with the original plan.”

“Yes, captain” was all Selene said with a grin on her face. “Leave them to me” Holocaust said. “I’ll enjoy taking their life away from them” as he began chuckling. Selene turns to Holocaust and says “I’ll turn them into my puppets before you can even put a finger on….” But was interrupted by Frost. “Not until you complete your task, Selene. Is that clear!?” Selene simply looked at her and then turned away. Meanwhile Emma was using her telepathy to see if any enemies were aproching.

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