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Mystique opened up her map and put it down onto a table that everyone gathered around. "Alright listen up, I'm only going to explain this once... We're going to attack the base from 3 different points to flank them and create enough of a ruckus for either Rogue or Mouth-for-hands to get the flag, and then we hightail it out of there." Logan said, and then placed his right index onto the spot on the map that was their current location. "Rogue, Sabertooth n me are going to advance right to the base in a straight line," he illustrated by sliding his finger down the path they were going to take, "Mystique n Em, you 2 are gonna come down the left side, and Wade, you're gonna come down the right, using the hillside as cover." Logan continued, using his finger again to illustrate the paths they would have to take. "No one makes a move till my division does."

"Gee, thanks a bunch, Writer! Of course you decide to send me off alone, eh!?" Deadpool cried, apparently yelling up at the sky. Everyone looked at him, and Wolverine looked as though he was ready to puncture 3 holes into the man's chest.

"Shut it, Wade...!" Wolverine growled, "Yur gonna be passin closest to the other enemy base, n if Emma's there, yur the only one she's gonna have a hard time keepin track of once she's picked you up on her radar." Logan explained reluctantly.

"Just admit it, Logan, it's because I'm the stealthiest one here." Deadpool said with a smile.

"No, it's because there's no one on the planet that could survive hearing what's going on in your head for more than a few seconds..." Sabertooth growled.

"Sheesh... who pooped in your Whiskas this morning...?" Wade muttered to himself, but Sabertooth heard thanks to his acute hearing. The mountain of muscle was about to reach out and strangle Deadpool, but Wolverine cut him off.

"Tea party's over, ladies, time to hit the road." Logan said as he left the table and began making his way to the door. Sabertooth cracked his fingers and growled at Wade before he also made his way to the front door, Rogue following closely behind him. Mystique folded up her map and tucked it away as her and Emplate walked to the back door. Deadpool dove out a window and rolled across the grass once he hit the ground outside.

"He's going tuh mess this up, ain't he, Logan..." Rogue muttered as she looked at the broken window.

"For his sake, he better not..." Wolverine replied, and with that, they were off.

"It's about time we get this started... if I had to wait any longer, I might have been forced to take a bite out of one of you..." Emplate finally spoke as he and Mystique made their way down to the beach.

"Try it, and you could also have a bite out of one of these bullets..." the blue-skinned woman replied with a smirk as she cocked her silenced d-eagle.

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